Our Service

A few quiet minutes before the service is a great time to say a prayer, set aside the worries of the day, and prepare your heart for the message God has for you that day. Page 72 in the red worship books has prayers that you may find helpful in preparing for worship.

The bulletin will contain the order of the service. As the Lutheran church is a liturgical church, many parts of the service are sung or chanted. The structure of our weekly service is:


During this part of the service, we stand for the Confession and Forgiveness, sing an entrance hymn and the Kyrie, and hear the prayer of the day.


In this section of the service, we hear the bible verses read by congregation members and the sermon is preached by the pastor. The Apostle’s Creed is said and prayers offered for the church, the world, and all persons in need. The offering is received after the prayers. As a visitor, you are under no obligation to give an offering, but we welcome all contributions for the mission of the church.


The Meal refers to the sacrament of Holy Communion. The Lutheran church believes in open communion. Anyone who is baptized and believes Christ is present in the sacrament is welcome to receive communion. You don’t need to be a member or even a Lutheran. As you come down the aisle, you will pick up a small glass from an usher. Some glasses contain grape juice if you would prefer that. The pastor will give you a piece of bread and say “the Body of Christ, given for you.” You may then eat the bread. If you are allergic to wheat, we have gluten-free wafers. Just say “special wafer please” when the pastor gets to you. A congregation member will follow with a chalice and pour wine into your glass and say the words “The blood of Christ, shed for you.” After those words are said, you may drink the wine and return to your seat.


The benediction is said and the assembly is sent out into the world to serve God. The service is concluded. You’re welcome to stay for the organ postlude before leaving. We’re very proud of our music program!