Vanessa Dalton
Nursery Attendant


Vanessa began working as the Nursery Attendant at St. Paul’s in April of 2019. She has been a member of St. Paul’s since her family moved here almost 30 years ago, and has spent a large part of her life involved in the church.  She was a very active member in the youth group as she grew up in the church and enjoyed every minute of it!  She spent a lot of time volunteering in the nursery while she was going through confirmation. She also I served as the youth advisor for a few years and also sat on church council. Vanessa worked in healthcare for many years and had a real love for the women’s and children’s specialties.  Most of her 20’s and half of her 30’s were spent on the pediatric and Maternity floors of Lehigh and Grand View hospitals.  She chose to leave healthcare and the long hours once she became a mom.  She now works for the Souderton School District. Vanessa love children and working for the school district allows her to spend much more time with her family. 

When she is not at church, Vanessa can be found spending time with her three year old son TJ.  They live in Telford and have a dog named Piper and a cat named Pickles. Vanessa looks forward to meeting a whole new generation of St. Paul’s members and helping the families worship every Sunday, and she looks forward to playing and spending time with the children and watching a whole new generation grow with God and our congregation.