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Latest Announcements

St. Paul’s Annual Free Market

November 18 – 25 in the Fellowship Hall

Do you need to organize your attic, basement, or garage but you don’t know what to do with the excess stuff? Have you been holding on to items that need to be donated but you haven’t had the time to take them anywhere yet?

St. Paul’s Annual Free Market is the PERFECT place to bring them!

This year’s Free Market will take place from Sunday November 19th – Sunday, November 25th.

Please drop off items on Saturday, November 17th from 1:00 – 3:00 pm. Items may also be dropped off the week before November 17th during normal church office hours. Please call Ashley in the church office if you would like to drop off something before November 17th.

Popular items that can be donated include toys, games, sports equipment, books, DVDs, china, glassware, knick knacks, photo frames, framed artwork, jewelry, holiday decorations, tools, and SO MUCH MORE!

Due to limited space in the Fellowship Hall, we do not accept clothing or furniture.

So start getting your items ready that you’ve been meaning to donate! The Free Market will be here before we know it!

All proceeds will go to the Pastors’ Discretionary Fund.

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  • St. Paul’s Electronics Recycling Event

    Saturday, November 10 (rescheduled from October 27)
    9:00 am – 1:00 pm in St. Paul’s Parking Lot

    We are partnering with GigaBiter, a local, E-steward R-2 certified company which promises 100% responsible recycling of”e-waste”. They will take “almost anything with a battery or a cord,” but request NO large appliances like washers or dryers. There WILL be a $20.00 charge PER monitor or TV. Mark your calendar and clean out what you no longer use.

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  • Senior Ministries Trip to Byers Choice

    Tuesday, November 13

    We will leave St. Paul’s parking lot at 11:00AM and car pool to Zoto’s Diner for your choice of Breakfast, Brunch or Lunch before we head off to Byer’s Choice for a tour.  Of course you’re welcome to purchase items while you’re there or just browse and enjoy the decorations. Please sign up and let us know if you will be meeting at St. Paul or going directly to Zoto’s, or Byer’s Choice. Remember, all Senior Events are open to everyone; members, friends, neighbors, and people of all ages.

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